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Comprehensive Home Maintenance & Repair Services

We help homeowners protect their investment and maintain the value of their home with our affordable home maintenance plans.

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Home Maintenance

Take care of your home with our Home Maintenance and HVAC Maintenance service.

Know Your Home’s Health

Get home health reports, auto-alerts, upkeep reminders, and more.

Top Quality Service Pros

Access our vetted, expert Cocoon Service Pros at the tap of a button.

Concierge Service

We’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality service that keeps you happy and your home healthy.

Comprehensive Plans

Comprehensive plans with or without breakdown cover to keep your Cocoon Home healthy.

Service On Demand

Need a repair, installation or maintenance? Just click, tap or call and we’re on it.

We maintain your home and Prevent breakdowns

Beyond providing the best breakdown coverage in the industry, we care for your home to prevent breakdowns from happening ith the first place.

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We provide Exceptional service with simplicity

With just a click or call, you get complete access to an extensive network of Cocoon ServicePro, all hand-selected for their exceptional commitment to exceptional service.

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Homes Require Constant Upkeep, Let Us Help

Get automated reminders and concierge support to keep your home running like it should. No hoops to jump through, just excellent service while keeping you informed and your home healthy.

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Cocoon Care

Get annual home maintenance & inspection, HVAC maintenance, home health reports, concierge support, upkeep reminders, and more.

As low as $12.99 / month

Cocoon Care & Cover

Not only do we make it easy to care for your home, we’ll also cover the cost to repair and replace breakdowns in your home too.

As low as $39.99 / month

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Maintenance Service

Keep your home humming with our maintenance services.

Repair Service

Our curated network of service pros can repair your home for any breakdown.

Concierge Support

We’re there for you to address your home service needs.

Automated Updates

We don’t leave you in the dark – you get status updates on your service.

Upkeep Reminders

Home care reminders and expert service to help you care for your home.

Home Health Report

Personalized reports that help you understand your home and keep it healthy.

Online Troubleshooting

Access our best practice troubleshooting to save time and money.

We Built Cocoon For You, The Homeowner

Our mission is to simplify your life and make it easy for you to care for your home and keep it healthy. With our home maintenance services, optional breakdown cover, and concierge support, you can rest easy knowing that your have a healthy home because you have a Cocoon home.

Do I need a home inspection or maintenance records before I can buy a Cocoon plan?

Nope. For the Care & Cover plan there is a 30-day waiting period, but that’s it.

What is the difference between Cocoon’s ‘Care & Cover’ plan and Cocoon’s ‘Care’ plan?

The only difference between the plans is that with the ‘Care & Cover’ plan, Cocoon pays for the cost of the repair or replacement of covered items in your home subject to a deductible and plan terms. Rest assured that both plans give you super easy access to Cocoon’s vetted, highly qualified, local Service Pros in your Cocoon Home account. Both plans as well give you concierge-level service from Cocoon – meaning we will ensure your service gets done right and you are happy, along with a 90-day guarantee on any repair work done in your home under a Cocoon plan.

What is the difference between Cocoon’s plan and manufacturer warranties?

Manufacturer’s warranties vary for all products. Often these warranites only cover the part that fails, but not the cost of the labor to fix or replace the part. Further, manufacturer warranties have an expiration date. Cocoon’s Care & Cover plan picks up where these warranties leave off and then some, covering the cost of the repair or replacement and ensuring that the service gets done.

What is the difference between Cocoon’s plan and home insurance?

Home insurance typically covers you for risks like fires, natural disasters, theft and liabilities. These things may or may not happen. Cocoon’s plans offer you both assistance and coverage for wear and tear and breakdown of items in your home that will happen.

Is Cocoon a home warranty company?

A ‘home warranty’ is an industry term. It typically refers to a service plan that provides the planholder (i.e. homeowner) with access to appliance and home system (plumbing, HVAC, electrical) repair service while covering repair and replacement costs, subject to plan terms. Cocoon provides such coverage under its Care & Cover plan. But Cocoon goes beyond that. We provide you with concierge level service, maintenance services, home care reminders, online troubleshooting, and more. So while we are there for you when things go wrong, we help you keep them from going wrong in the first place.

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