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What We Service

Electrical Service

When the lights go out or an outlet is on the fritz, we’ll send a local Cocoon Service Pro who is a skilled electrician.

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Electrical System

It’s no shock that our Cocoon Service Pros are expert electricians who provide top quality service.

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Garage Opener

Even saying ‘Open Sesame’ doesn’t work? We’ll send a Cocoon Service Pro to make the repair.

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Ceiling fan not spinning? Click, tap or call, and a Cocoon Service Pro will fix it to cool things down.

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Knock, knock. Who’s there? A Cocoon Service Pro because your doorbell is broken.

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Central Vacuum

Have a central vacuum that's not working? You don't have to suck it up. A Cocoon Service Pro is on their way.

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Servicing the Garage Opener

Problem: Door Will Not Open

Status: Scheduled

Stay Alert

Time to Test Your Smoke / CO2 Detectors

Home Health Maintenance

Date: 06/24/23

Time slot: 11AM – 2PM

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Expert Quality

Get your area’s top technicians. Guaranteed.

Concierge Support

We’re with you until the job is done. And anytime you need us.

Kitchen Appliances

A broken kitchen appliance got you thinking about eating out? Stay in. We’ll get it fixed.

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Plumbing Services

Problem with the pipes? A Cocoon Service Pro who is a plumbing expert is on their way.

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