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Cocoon’s Plans

What is the difference between Cocoon’s plan and home insurance?

Home insurance typically covers you for risks like fires, natural disasters, theft and liabilities. These things may or may not happen. Cocoon’s plans offer you both assistance and coverage for wear and tear and breakdown of items in your home that will happen.

What is the difference between Cocoon’s plan and manufacturer warranties?

Manufacturer’s warranties vary for all products. Often these warranites only cover the part that fails, but not the cost of the labor to fix or replace the part. Further, manufacturer warranties have an expiration date. Cocoon’s Care & Cover plan picks up where these warranties leave off and then some, covering the cost of the repair or replacement and ensuring that the service gets done.

What is the difference between Cocoon’s ‘Care & Cover’ plan and Cocoon’s ‘Care’ plan?

The only difference between the plans is that with the ‘Care & Cover’ plan, Cocoon pays for the cost of the repair or replacement of covered items in your home subject to a deductible and plan terms. Rest assured that both plans give you super easy access to Cocoon’s vetted, highly qualified, local Service Pros in your Cocoon Home account. Both plans as well give you concierge-level service from Cocoon – meaning we will ensure your service gets done right and you are happy, along with a 90-day guarantee on any repair work done in your home under a Cocoon plan.

Service Pros

Are your Service Pros high quality?

Absolutely. Cocoon does not outsource your service. We handpick each and every one of our Service Pro partners. In doing so, we look for the best in each trade we work with. Our Service Pro partners and Cocoon share a commitment to excellent service to you.

Can I choose my own Service Pro?

Cocoon uses its own network of vetted, high quality local service pros. We have built relationships and agreements with these service pros and stand by their work. We will use them our services. However, if you have a personal preference of a service pro, please let us know and we will review their application to be part of Cocoon’s Service Pro network.

Service requests

How do I make a service request with Cocoon?

Simple. Go to your ‘My Cocoon’ account and follow the super easy steps to make your request. You can also just call us at (888) -780-9965. Either way, we’ll take care of you.

How many service requests can I make?

There is no limit to the number of service requests you can make.

How can I find out the status of my service request?

Just log into your My Cocoon account to see all updates to your service requests.

Are repair services guaranteed?

You bet. We provide a 90-day guarantee on the repair work performed under your Plan.

Is there a deductible?

There is a deductible for the Care & Cover plan. The deductible is paid only once per service request and is applied to the cost of repair including any trade service fee. You will choose the amount of your deductible when you select your Care & Cover plan. (The Care plan does not provide coverage, so it does not have a deductible.)

My Plan

When does coverage begin?

For the Care & Cover plan, your coverage begins after a 30-day waiting period. You will not be charged until the waiting period ends. We know, we want to start your Care & Cover plan right away too, but the 30-day waiting period is the best way to ensure items in the home were not already broken at the time the plan was purchased. However, you Care plan begins right away from your moment of purchase.

How long does my plan last?

Both the ‘Care & Cover’ and the ‘Care’ plans are annual agreements. Regardless if you pay for your plan on a monthly basis, or a one-time annual basis, the plan term is for one year. The annual term for ‘Care & Cover’ plan will start 30 days after your date of purchase, since that plan has a 30-day waiting period. Cocoon will automatically renew your at the end of your one year term.

What are your payment plans?

Payment is by credit card and you can choose to pay either monthly or annual. If monthly, your card will be charged each month starting from your date of purchase for the Care plan, and after the 30-day waiting period for the Care & Cover plan.

How do I make sure my coverage continues/renews when the year is up?

Don’t worry, Cocoon will notify you via email, and in your My Cocoon account, two months prior to your renewal date.

What if I want to cancel my plan?

You can cancel any time. Just go to your ‘My Cocoon’ account and select to cancel. But we know you’re going to love having a Cocoon Home.