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What We Service

Kitchen Appliance Repair & Maintenance?

Keep things cooking with our maintenance and repair service from our local Cocoon Service Pros.

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Stay on top of your cooking with repair & maintenance service for your kitchen cooktop.

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Is your refrigerator running? It should be - get a Cocoon Service Pro to keep your refrigerator in tip top share.

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Dirty dishes piling up? It's time to get a Cocoon Service Pro and put your dishwasher back to work.

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Baking, broiling, and convection, oh my! Prepare delicious meals in your kitchen oven, without the headaches.

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Don't go without the most convenient kitchen appliance - repair maintain your kitchen microwave with Cocoon.

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Cook safely with a fully-operational kitchen range - just call a Cocoon Service Pro.

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Range Hoods

That fried fish odor sticking around because your vent isn’t venting? A couple clicks and we’ll have it taken of for you.

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Garbage Disposal

We fix everything, and the kitchen sink - keep your pipes free and clear with Garbage Disposal repair and maintenance.

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Standalone Freezers

Don’t freeze up when your freezer isn’t working. You’ve got a Cocoon Home plan – we’ll get it fixed.

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Beverage Coolers

Beverages lukewarm? Let’s take care of that.

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Trash Compactors

Your trash compactor not working? What rubbish! Not to worry, a Cocoon Service Pro will fix it.

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Water Dispenser (Built-In)

Thirsty, but your dispenser isn’t dispensing? Yep, we got a Cocoon Service Pro for that.

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Servicing the Refrigerator

Problem: Not Cooling

Status: Scheduled

Smell of Home

Time to Clean Your Kitchen Vent / Hood & Filter

Home Health Maintenance

Date: 06/24/23

Time slot: 11AM – 2PM

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Expert Quality

Get your area’s top technicians. Guaranteed.

Concierge Support

We’re with you until the job is done. And anytime you need us.

Heating & Cooling

We service HVAC systems so you stay comfortable through any season.

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Laundry Appliances

Washer not washing? Dryer not drying? A Cocoon Service Pro will get it fixed. But you still have to fold the laundry.

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