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8 Signs An Emergency Refrigerator Repair Service Is Coming

Knowing what the signals are that your fridge needs maintenance can significantly prolong its life. Here are 8 primary refrigerator repair signals.

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The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home and we all want to avoid a costly refrigerator repair. Without it, keeping food fresh and storing meat or dairy would become virtually impossible.

But despite the fact that modern refrigerators are built to last, you can’t expect them to work without a hitch indefinitely. In fact, even the best-built appliances will start needing refrigerator repair services sooner or later, which can mean costly repairs if you don’t catch some of the early signs that something is wrong.

Because of that, it’s important to know the main signs that your fridge requires attention, as that can help you keep the refrigerator repair costs down and prevent the issues from becoming more serious in the future.

To help you gain a better understanding of how to take care of your fridge, let’s look at some of the most common refrigerator breakdown signs you should look out for.

#1 Sign for Emergency Refrigerator Repair: Loud Noises

Perhaps the most obvious and hardest-to-miss sign that something is wrong with your fridge is hearing a strange noise that you haven’t heard of before.

Most refrigeration systems have a compressor that makes noise when it works, but the level and type of noise that the fridge makes can help you determine whether everything is working as it should.

For instance, if you hear a grinding or scraping sound that wasn’t there before, that’s a clear indication that the condenser or fan might be obstructed, which can result in serious issues over time.

You may also notice a clicking sound or excessive vibration, which can be a signal of a problem with the compressor. It could mean that the compressor is obstructed or working too hard, which could cause it to fail eventually.

Strange sounds are not something that should be ignored and you should reach out to professional refrigerator repair services soon if you don’t want it to get worse. Most of the sound changes signal that the fridge is working harder than it should, and that isn’t good for its longevity.

However, as mentioned before, not all sounds mean there’s a problem. So it’s important to familiarize yourself with how the fridge is working and evaluate if the noise is changing over time, and how.

#2 Sign for Emergency Refrigerator Repair: Freezer Accumulating Ice

Another common issue with older fridges is the accumulation of ice and frost inside the freezer and even in the refrigerator. It can happen because of a variety of reasons, but usually, it means that either the fridge isn’t sealed properly, or that the defrost system isn’t functioning as it should.

When you first notice your freezer covered in ice, you can defrost it manually by unplugging the fridge and allowing the ice to melt. This method is time-consuming and messy, but it can help reduce the stress on the compressor and help your fridge function better.

However, if you notice that excessive ice keeps accumulating despite your efforts or you don’t want to go through the process on your own, you can always seek expert advice and have a refrigerator repair technician perform an inspection of what might be causing excessive ice to form in the freezer or elsewhere.

#3 Sign for Emergency Refrigerator Repair: Condensation

Most fridges have at least a little condensation inside them, so seeing drops of water isn’t necessarily cause for alarm. However, if you constantly notice excessive amounts of water on the inner walls of the fridge or even on the produce, that can mean that there’s a problem with the fridge that needs to be looked at by refrigerator repair professionals.

Often, condensation means that the fridge isn’t properly sealed or isn’t able to cool the inside to the necessary temperature. Both of these situations can put a lot of strain on your fridge, which can result in an eventual breakdown.

If it’s a problem with the door gasket not sealing, that can be an issue that’s causing the condensation to appear. The good news is that it can be a relatively simple situation to fix, but you should still consider getting an expert opinion from refrigerator repair services before you start replacing the gasket on your own since the issue may end up being something else.

#4 Sign for Emergency Refrigerator Repair: Water on the Floor

One of the reasons why it’s important to pay attention if your fridge has condensation issues is that it can eventually lead to more serious problems. Namely, if water is accumulating in the fridge, it’s only a matter of time until you will find water pooling on the floor next to your fridge, which is not only unpleasant but can also be dangerous.

For one thing, if you don’t notice excessive water buildup on the floor, you may suffer from water damage that will be costly to repair in the future. At the same time, the water can damage the fridge systems, causing them to shut down and resulting in potentially permanent damage.

Water on the floor is a sign that you need urgent assistance from a fridge repair professional. It could be happening because of a blockage in the defrost system, which needs to be fixed quickly to protect your fridge’s systems.

#5 Sign for Emergency Refrigerator Repair: Food Doesn’t Last as Long

Refrigerator repair

The primary purpose of a refrigerator is to create optimal conditions for storing your food. But unfortunately, as refrigerators get older, they aren’t always able to maintain stable temperatures that are required when storing fresh produce such as milk, dairy, or eggs.

The ideal temperature for a fridge is under 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and anything significantly above that will create conditions that will make food go bad faster, making it potentially unsafe to eat.

Many newer fridges have a thermostat that indicates the temperature inside, but if you have an older model, you may need to measure the temperature inside the refrigerator manually to determine if everything is functioning normally.

If you find that the fridge temperature is too high or if it’s inconsistent, that can be caused by a few different problems including the freezer fan, and the condenser coils, among others. A skilled refrigerator repair technician should be able to identify the root cause and offer you advice on how to best deal with the problem.

#6 Sign for Emergency Refrigerator Repair: Increased Energy Consumption

With electricity prices on the rise, making sure your refrigerator is running efficiently is becoming more important than ever. But unfortunately, as your fridge gets older, it can start running into difficulties that make it work harder than it should, resulting in more energy consumption.

If you notice that your electricity bill is higher than usual, it’s worth checking whether your fridge might be the cause. Some of the symptoms to look for include the fridge working loudly, the motor running almost constantly, or the back of the fridge running hot. 

In any of these situations, it’s a good idea to seek professional refrigerator repair service providers who can help service your fridge and evaluate whether the underlying problem can be easily fixed.

Sometimes, the root cause might simply be that the fridge components are becoming worn down, causing it to use more energy. In other cases, the fridge might simply be inefficient compared to today’s standards, which might make getting a new fridge a worthwhile consideration.

#7 Sign for Emergency Refrigerator Repair: Door Doesn’t Close Properly

As mentioned before, a common cause for a range of issues is the door gasket becoming worn and not sealing properly. This can result in the temperature inside the fridge becoming too hot, the fridge having to work harder to maintain the right temperature, and condensation forming because of fluctuations which can start pooling on the floor.

The good news is that evaluating the condition of your gasket isn’t difficult, at least in some cases. You can examine it throughout its entire length, looking for any cracks, brittle parts, or other damage that might be preventing a proper seal when the fridge is closed. 

If the gasket is the main cause of the problem, it’s actually a relatively simple fix. Still, finding the right type of gasket and properly installing it can be tricky, so getting refrigerator repair service technicians to help you is always a good idea.  

#8 Sign for Emergency Refrigerator Repair: It’s Old

Finally, sometimes you may not have a single reason to consider if your fridge needs repair. It might be functioning for now, but you may notice that the fridge is working harder than usual and issues keep popping up here and there.

Usually, this means your refrigerator is probably already getting up there in age and might be nearing the end of its lifecycle. No matter how well you’ve maintained it until now, some parts will fail eventually, which is when you’ll have to make a choice about whether it’s time to get a new one.

However, before you make the leap and get a new system, you can get a technician to come in and see if there’s anything that can be done to prolong your fridge’s life. A refrigerator is a significant investment, so you might want to postpone having to buy a new one if a few minor fixes can get it in good working order again.

Bottom Line

Making sure your refrigerator is working as it should is not always easy. Sometimes the signals that something’s wrong can be subtle and hard to notice, especially if you don’t have a clear idea of what to look for.

But if you check for the signs listed above, you should be able to spot the most common issues relatively easily, which can help you avoid the initial issue turning into something more serious and costly. The important thing is to seek appliance repairs from professionals who can properly diagnose the issue and tell you how to fix it in the most cost-effective way possible.